VaporFi Sponsors A Billion Lives Film Nationwide

Vaped Magazine November 21, 2016 0
VaporFi Sponsors A Billion Lives Film Nationwide

VaporFi, a leader in vapor products and e-cigarette manufacturing, today announced their sponsorship of A Billion Lives Film nationwide screening.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die prematurely from smoking this century. In the next 20 years, there will be nearly 1.6 billion smokers around the world. This documentary examines major conflicts of interest and corruption between governments, big pharmaceutical companies, and public health officials. It also takes a look at the history of e-cigarettes, as well as the role vapor technology and Swedish snus have played in the current health crisis.

Participating VaporFi stores, respectively, throughout the US have come together to sponsor a screening at local theaters. The nationwide screening will take place on December 8th at 7:30pm. Tickets are not available at the theater, and can only be purchased through links below, click on the city nearest you.

“A Billion Lives takes a critical look at the history of cigarette smoking and the corruption that led to the current situation where alternatives are banned or heavily restricted,” said VaporFi CEO Nick Molina. “We are excited about this film and the educational benefits it provides to its audience. VaporFi wants vapers, as well as non-vapers, to be well informed about the industry and the origin of the stigma surrounding e-cigarettes”.

VaporFi will email a 20 percent discount voucher immediately following ticket purchase, and a free e-liquid will be included at the time of check out. VaporFi’s flagship store, Miami Beach location, as well as a few additional stores will be hosting an after party, offering light hors d’oeuvres, wine and soft drinks, to discuss the film and explore VaporFi’s latest products. Sponsorship will generate funds that will be 100 percent donated to a local vaping advocacy group.

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