MüV Launches Clear Distillate Vape Pen Lines for Arizona Medical Cannabis Patients

Vaped Magazine November 2, 2016 0
MüV Launches Clear Distillate Vape Pen Lines for Arizona Medical Cannabis Patients

MüV announced today its newest product lines are now available to licensed Arizona medical cannabis dispensaries. The products will be exclusively manufactured and distributed to dispensaries by Agronomy Innovations, LLC of Coolidge, Arizona.

The MüV Clear Distillate Vape pen line will come in a kit that includes a rechargeable pen, one pre-filled MüV Clear 500mg distillate cannabis oil cartridge and a USB charger. MüV Clear distillate 500mg refill cartridges will also be offered.

MüV’s new Clear Distillate Vape Pen is a potent, solvent free cannabis oil extract that will be greater than 90% THC. The distillate creation and filling of pens will all be done in house in the Agronomy Innovations laboratory under laminar flow hoods to ensure product safety. In addition, rigorous batch testing will be conducted to assure product quality and safety from contaminants.

According to Marketing Director Todd Beckwith, “We are very excited to introduce the MüV Clear distillate pens that offer a number of advantages over current products on the market. Our next generation pen hardware has shown to deliver a more enjoyable vaping experience and we are confident this new technology will also address the high failure rate of other pens on the market. In addition, our unique extraction processes for our distillate delivers one the cleanest and most potent medicines on the market.”

The MüV Clear distillate refill cartridges feature all natural terpenes for taste and will initially come in Tangerine Kush, Pineapple Express, Lemon and Grapefruit flavors.

All MüV products come with a 100% “Love it or Return it” guarantee. For more information and/or to order MüV products visit muvproducts.com or visit Agronomy Innovations at agronomyinnovations.com.

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