FDA To Re-Evaluate E-Cigarette Regulations, As Potential E-Cig Explosion Lawsuit Cases Increase

Vaped Magazine July 3, 2016 0
FDA To Re-Evaluate E-Cigarette Regulations, As Potential E-Cig Explosion Lawsuit Cases Increase

LipsigLawyers.com reports on a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determination that 80 percent of e-cig explosions happen while the device is charging. These explosions result from a buildup of internal pressure inside the battery that cannot be contained. The device then releases the pressure through the seal at the battery end. As a result of such explosions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be reassessing its regulations regarding e-cigarettes in hopes of minimizing future explosion cases and thus help to protect consumers.

FEMA also claims that since the devices were released on the market in 2008, there have been over 25 e-cigarette explosions. However, due to an undervaluing of the severity of past explosions, this number could be substantially higher.

The explosions can cause a great amount of damage and injury, as was the case for an Arizona man who was driving when he noticed 2 e-cig batteries were burning in his pocket. He stated that flames were spreading down his leg and when he tried to put them out he burned his hand. His injuries necessitated treatment at a local hospital. He stated that he was very concerned because he knows about 20 other friends and acquaintances that use e-cigarettes, and it was very disconcerting to see the damage the explosion of the device could cause firsthand.

Another incident, similar in scope, happened to a Kentucky man when his e-cig battery exploded in his pocket. He required intensive treatment for his injuries and suffered third-degree burns from the explosion of his e-cigarette.

Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman are currently looking to assist those who have been affected by explosive e-cigarettes. Attorneys such as Marc Freund are working to ensure that those individuals who have been injured by the devices are able to explore their legal rights fully. Certain individuals may be entitled to financial compensation. Attorney Freund is currently offering free consultations to anyone who has been injured by the devices.

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