Florida Company Gears Up to Supply the Underground “Vaping Prohibition”

Vaped Magazine May 6, 2016 0
Florida Company Gears Up to Supply the Underground “Vaping Prohibition”

The 6 Billion Dollar Vaping and E-liquid Industry woke up the morning of May 5, 2016 to industry-killing news which is being regarded as “Downright Prohibition” by the American Vaping Association. In 90 days almost all e-liquids will be taking off retail shelves by the FDA, requiring manufacturers to go through extensive approval processes that will cost them over $1m and thousands of hours.

With the threat of tens of thousands of vape shops potential closing their doors and most manufacturers calling it quits, the millions of people in the US that vape are stuck between giving up their vice or “moving underground.”  The newest trend picking up steam has been DIY E-Liquid mixing, where users use easy to find food-grade ingredients and flavors to create their own e-liquid without stepping foot in a vape store.  On-line communities like Reddit’s Community r/DIY_eJuice have already garnished over 24,000 active users – all sharing their tips and tricks for DIY E-liquid production.

A Tampa, FL based company, White Clouds Vaping Co, is gearing-up to help transition people who vape from purchasing retail to mixing on their own.  “We can teach anyone how to make any flavor of E-liquid in less than 10 minutes without stepping foot in a store!” said Zach Jacobs, the founder of White Clouds Vaping Co.

“We were expecting to see this industry move from the retail store to home-mixing, but we were surprised how quickly it happened.  There are thousands of people that are about to lose their job or their business from their regulations and its sad to see how much innovation is being ‘bullied’ out of business.  Unfortunately “Big Tobacco” has deep pockets, and when they lose$6bn in sales, you better believe regulations will change shortly after!”

To get started on E-liquid training and to purchase a E-liquid Mixing Kit, head over to www.WhiteCloudsVaping.com

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