$2-per-pack cigarette tax increase introduced in California Legislature

Vaped Magazine August 29, 2015 0
$2-per-pack cigarette tax increase introduced in California Legislature

The California State Senate on Thursday handed an ivoice to regulate e cigarettes as tobacco, providing the determine to the Assembly the place where a much the same expense passed on just recently.

That’s one of the key findings in the second part of the polling firm’s ninth annual health policy survey, funded by the California Wellness Foundation.

The bill will be heard next in the Assembly. And a similar proportion said it’s hard for them to afford health care. Only 18 percent opposed the idea. An element-time scholar who works in development, Hawkins stated “we already pay sufficient taxes”.

The legislation was introduced in a special session on healthcare with a number of other measures related to tobacco.

California taxes cigarettes at 87 cents a pack, less than some 30 other states that tack on $1 or more in levies.

Earlier this year, California’s former top public health official said electronic cigarettes can lead to nicotine poisoning among children and threaten the state’s decades-long effort to reduce tobacco use.

According to estimates, the change would raise an extra $11.1 million per year to help the state enforce laws on the industry. “With every 10 percent increase in cigarette prices, youth smoking rates decline by about 7 percent. Even Texas has a higher tobacco tax than California right now”, says Pan.

Approval requires a two-third majority by both California chambers and many lawmakers from the Republican Party said they were opposed to increases in taxes. On Wednesday, health and labor groups unveiled legislation for a $2-a-pack boost in the cigarette tax.

If approved, it would be California’s first tobacco tax hike since 1998.

“It’s time to step away from the rhetoric and look at the facts”, Pan said. “The people will pass this”.

DiCamillo said he’s not surprised that respondents expressed such overwhelming support for a $2-per-pack cigarette tax, because so-called “sin taxes” on tobacco and alcohol have always been popular. The difficulty has remained a sore topic for hundreds of Californians who during the last 22 months enrolled in a well being care plan underneath the well being regulation exclusively to find that docs and hospitals listed beneath their plans weren’t accepting them.

Senate Bill 137, carried by Sen. Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina, would require well being plans and insurers to publish correct well being care supplier directories on their web sites.

According to “KXJZ News“, the state Senate could vote on the bill as soon as Thursday (“KXJZ News”, Capital Public Radio, 8/26).

The ballot of 1,555 California registered voters was achieved over the telephone from June 25 to July 16. The ballot has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 proportion factors.

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