Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen

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Blackout X Disposable Vape Pen

For oil, wax, and dab connoisseurs, medicating or getting high on the go is often a pain. If you travel, you’ve probably toyed with a few options out there. Glass pendant rigs are fragile and can feel hazardous with a nail hanging from your neck and it is surely not the most inconspicuous way of going about things. My personal experience with vape and wax pens is that many clog up with claim or break down with normal use, eventually costing upwards of $50 to replace. Looking around for possible solutions, we stumbled upon one we wanted to give a whirl.

Blackout X makes a refillable disposable pen (the world’s first and so far only) that can be used to vape wax, oil, and liquids; this makes it a very convenient option for those looking to dab on the go. We’ve been curious about just how well some on-the-go solutions work in practice, so we decided to take the Blackout X refillable disposable for a test drive. The company originally started out with a line of e-cigarette pens but has recently branched into the vaping arena. The pen was essentially premiered on Doug Benson’s “Getting Doug with High”, and Sarah Silverman, Kevin Smith, Andy Richter, and Jack Black have puffed it on the show along with Doug.

Being disposable with only a two piece construction, Blackout X’s pen keeps you from needing to worry about glass dome attachments, plastic mouthpiece fittings, and remembering to charge your battery (or just remembering to bring your charger). The only other component that comes with the box is a silicon mouthcover. If simple and sleek is what you’re seeking, the refillable disposable delivers on those fronts.


We tried out the Blackout X with no more than a small dab of West Coast Cure’s Hardcore OG — and received a flavorful, immediate hit, and thick vapor without a hint of the harsh, burned terpene taste often returned from vape pens. The efficiency was as welcome an advantage as with other vape pens — we were pleased with the amount of hits we were able to get out of the little amount of shatter we loaded.

The company bills the vape pen as having a 250-puff limit. Even for everyday vapers, one disposable pen could last you weeks. If you’re used to carrying around a pricier, heavy-duty vape pen, you might be a bit put off by the feel on the Blackout X disposable. However, for practical use, this flexible body helps remind you it is meant to be disposable, a welcome departure from some of the costly vapor pens that are sold in packs of 2 or more for some reason.

Hitting the pen is simple — inhale to start pulling in vapor. You’ll see the bottom of the pen light up green when it’s producing vapor, and blink a couple times to notify you when to stop. Blackout X hinted to us that they will be introducing new LED color options soon. It also has a svelte profile that can easily fit in your pocket alongside your phone — it’s thinner and shorter than my phone with a case.

The individual price point for a single refillable disposable pen is $14.95, which is very reasonable and stacks up well against other options in the market. The price break you receive for buying multiple pens (3 for $30) in one go also makes this product very worthwhile to keep around for trips.

Many wax enthusiasts decry the lack of flavor or the overheating of dabs on vape pens. While we didn’t test the pen through it’s puff limit, some wax residue forming could possibly become an issue. However, if you’re in need of a cheap, disposable travel alternative, there are not many true knocks against the refillable disposable from Blackout X. The company also makes a dry herb pen, which we’re eager to try and report back on!

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