Pinnacle Pro Is A Skywalking Vape Saber

Vaped Magazine October 10, 2014 0
Pinnacle Pro Is A Skywalking Vape Saber

As marijuana vaporization takes off, we’ve seen the emergence of a special class of beefy hand-held units dubbed “vape sabers”. The VaporBlunt Pinnacle Pro represents something of the apogee of vape sabers — especially when you stack on the $50 glass bubbler attachment.

A riff on the Star Wars term “lightsaber”, vape sabers sacrifice size for strength and appeal to skywalkers with really high tolerances. The Pinnacle Pro is a quasi-portable, battery-powered device that heats instead of burns herb, and is used by medical cannabis patients who want the instant, therapeutic effects of inhaling the plant, without the carcinogens of burning it. (Vaporization of cannabis’ active ingredients starts as low as 246 degrees — versus 750 degrees for burning plant matter.)

VaporBlunt calls their Pinnacle Pro “small and compact”, but it’s on the bigger side of portable vaporizers. Add in the “HydroTube” attachment — which is basically an in-line bubbler to cool the vapor — and the Pinnacle really stands tall, making it most suitable as a compact, innocuous living room unit.

Pinnacle Pro
Price: $229
Type: quasi-portable, handheld, rechargeable battery-powered
Compatible with: raw herb, extracts
Special Feature: bubbler attachment dubbed HydroTube
Target Demographic: skywalking gadget-heads

Learning Curve: The Pinnacle Pro is pretty straight forward. Load the “bullet”, slot it in, clip on the mouthpiece, turn on heater, wait 90 seconds and rip.

Multiple Heat Settings: The Pro improves on the original Pinnacle with five heat settings that start at 375 degrees and go up.

Really Big Hits: The battery in this thing gives it serious power, and you can take massive vape rips, especially with the $50 HydroTube. The design also makes it really easy to draw.

Plug And Play: Pinnacle Pro works while it’s charging, which is handy in the house. Auto-shut-off feature powers the device down after eight minutes, which is nice. Battery can run for an hour straight.

Versatile: The Pro works with oils, waxes and other extracts, in addition to herb for flexibility given your supplies.

Beauty: The HydroTube is a beautiful piece of glass art that you fill and drain from the top.

Learning Curve: It takes about 15 seconds once you start drawing for the device to heat up the herb and vape the cannabinoids. That takes a little getting used to, and you can’t see what’s going on in the Pinnacle to tightly titrate a dose.

Not Very Portable: The length and thickness of the Pinnacle Pro makes it weird to carry around in your pocket, and the fragility of the glass bubbler attachment really makes it best-suited for occasional, solo home use.

Warm Vapor: Inhaling from a few inches above a 450-degree ceramic heater can make for some warm vape hits. Not suited for super-sensitive users.

Long Charge: It can take three hours to charge the built-in lithium ion battery, which is long.

Cost: $229 is getting close to the top end for a portable vaporizer.


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