Oregon woman: ‘E-cigarettes killed my dog’

Vaped Magazine June 25, 2014 0
Oregon woman: ‘E-cigarettes killed my dog’

A Dallas, Oregon woman believes that her E-cigarettes killed her dog.

Diana Glover said one of her two Dachshunds died a horrific death after the four-year-old dog named Phoebe chewed on a bottle of the Taste-E-liquid used for E-cigarettes.

Glover said the bottle had fallen off her desk. Seconds after Phoebe got a hold of it, the little dog started convulsing and bleeding from its nose and mouth.

Glover said she called the vet emergency number, but the closest animal hospital was in Salem.

Within minutes Pheobe stopped breathing.

“I should have known to keep it away, but I didn’t because I didn’t know it was that lethal,” Glover said.

KGW spoke to one of the owners of VapoRight, the maker of Taste-E-liquid.

He said there is a warning to keep the product away from children and pets on the E-cigarette itself, but not on the bottle. He told KGW that would be changing. The company will now begin adding the warning onto the bottle as well.

He admitted the nicotine liquid has the potential to cause an overdose, but it would have to be a small dog and a high concentration of nicotine.

According to the state public health veterinarian, the liquid often used in E-cigarettes contains highly concentrated nicotine. While he didn’t know the specifics of Glover’s case, he said high levels of nicotine can cause vomiting and seizures in animals and can potentially be deadly.

As for Glover, she can’t get her beloved pet back. But she can try to help warn other people about the dangers, so the same awful death doesn’t happen to their pets.

“I want to warn as many people as possible that if they’re not aware of how lethal this stuff is, that they become aware of it,” said Glover.

Source: KHOU

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