Nicotine Level Does Have An Affect on Cartridge and E-Liquid Flavors

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Nicotine Level Does Have An Affect on Cartridge and E-Liquid Flavors

Here’s an E-Cigarette beginner’s guide to choosing the right nicotine level for your taste preference.

E-cigarettes, the popular new alternative to tobacco cigarettes are sold with your choice of nicotine level contained within in the cartridge – the part that holds the e-liquid. If you’re an intermediate or seasoned vapor and you buy e-liquids that you add to your e-cigarette, you probably already know that you can choose your nicotine level, but not everyone realizes that nicotine almost always gives you a stronger vaping experience and it can alter the flavor.

How High is High?

Some nicotine e-liquid levels (like those from VaporZone) are sold as high as 36mg, similar to a filterless cigarette, but most vapers find that no matter what flavor you choose, that level and those above 36mg can make for a harsh smoke with some e-cigarette models. Heavy smokers who crave a heavy throat hit, enjoy that kind of vape.

On the lower end of nicotine levels, if you choose .6% nicotine or Zero nicotine, the vapor should still produce good volume and flavor, but people who were heavy smokers usually have to wean themselves down to this level if they want to get a vaping experience that’s closer to the tobacco cigarette experience.

But Do Nicotine Levels Affect the Flavors of Your Vaping Experience?

In testing so many different e-cigarette products including different levels of nicotine, we’ve learned that the nicotine level does have an affect not only on the throat hit experience, but also on the cartridge or e-liquid flavor. The difficult part in reviewing nicotine levels is that different brands of e-cigarettes and/or e-liquid manufacturers will give you a different experience.

I’ve found that with South Beach Smoke and VaporZone, a low nicotine level can make certain flavors more enjoyable, while with V2Cigs and Green Smoke, a higher nicotine level produces a more intense flavor. If you get your e-Juice from Mt. Baker Vapor, you may notice that a higher nicotine level reduces the flavor of your vape. That’s one reason they let you add extra flavor shots to their many custom e-juices. It all depends on the e-cigarette brand, the flavor and even your vaping habits.

Reviewing how specific e-cigarette flavors taste will always be subjective. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure so use our review objectively and only as a guide.

Where To Begin When Choosing Your E-Cigarette Nicotine Level

First, get familiar with how e-cigarettes describe and compare nicotine levels. We see these guidelines on most e-cig websites:

Very Strong (36mg) – Compared to a non-filtered cigarette.

Strong (24mg) – Compared to a strong cigarette such as Marlboro Red

Full (16 – 18mg) – Compare to a full flavored cigarette such as Benson & Hedges

Light (12mg) – Compare to a light cigarette such as Marlboro Lights

Ultra Light (6 – 8mg) – Compare to an ultra light cigarette such as Winston Ultra Lights

Zero (0mg) – Same great taste – without any nicotine.

Mixing and Matching Flavors with Nicotine Levels

Some of the top e-cigarette companies, (Premium Vapes, for example), offer variety Cartridge packs. That’s always helpful for choosing a favorite flavor, but since they come packaged in one box, you can’t choose the nicotine level for each flavor.

Other popular e-cigarette companies (such as V2Cigs), have Starter Kits in which you can choose 5 flavors PLUS you can choose one of 5 different nicotine levels for each flavor.

What Affects ECig Flavors the Most?

Sometimes your vaping style as well as the nicotine level can affect taste.

Here’s tip we received from VaporZone .

“Rich flavors taste better with a long, savoring draw, while fruity and sweet flavors taste better with a swift yet deep draw.”

Our Own Taste Test Review of Flavors and Nicotine Levels

1- VaporZone is best known for their Vaporizer e-cigs in which you add your own e-liquids. They’re different because they’re one of the few 100% pure e-cigarette that lets you custom blend your flavors and add extra “shots” of flavor as well as your nicotine levels. Those extra shots of flavor will balance a higher nicotine level. VaporZone’s flavors tend to run sweeter as they contain a higher level of vegetable glycerine in their e-liquid formula. You can definitely have a bit of fun experimenting with the unlimited flavor cocktails you can create for your own perfect blend of flavors and nicotine levels.

2- In testing Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes, we tested the Passion Fruit flavor and Mint flavored cartridges in 1.6 level of nicotine alongside a strong 24mg and didn’t notice much difference between flavors.

3- Eversmoke, on the other hand, did demonstrate a taste/nicotine difference. Eversmoke is a glycerine based e-cigarette that has no propylene glycol. The flavors are quite sweet by comparison to other brands, and more intense. Lower nicotine levels lessen the intensity which may be to your liking, especially with those fruity flavors like Cherry, Pina Colada and Peach.

4- Premium Vapes fruit and other flavored cartridges are made with both vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, so they’re not as sweet as a VG only ecigs like Eversmoke. We’ve found that the nicotine level affects what vapers call a “throat hit” with the higher levels giving a stronger hit, but it diminishes the flavor. Premium has loads of flavor to try and we recommend their variety flavor cartridge pack.

Whatever level you choose, we hope this post helps get you started. Tastes are always subjective and we always appreciate your feedback. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about how nicotine levels affect e-cigarette flavors.

All of the E-Cigarette companies mentioned in this article are among the best selling electronic cigarette companies.

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